Wildman Interactive Road Trip

Update: Safe and sound in Alabama. Goodnight!

How many presale copies of Wildman will you order?

How much will you donate to support America’s libraries?

JC will drive 5 miles for each copy of WILDMAN sold, and 1 mile for every $5 given to the American Library Association!
Why the ALA? Why a $10 minimum donation?


Road trip Ends in:

What is this road trip all about?

Watch the trailer!

WILDMAN’s tagline is “Get lost. Find yourself.” Same idea behind this trip. Spontaneous. A risk. Ideal for chance encounters. Taking the Buick that inspired WILDMAN cross-county felt like a perfect adventure, and a recent closure of Oregon libraries made me want to help. So say hello! If I drive past, flag me down. The more people who join in, the more fun this will be.

Current Location

Full Route

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43 Responses to Wildman Interactive Road Trip

  1. Wendy Schluntz says:

    Safe travels and have a great time.

  2. Linda Malmquist says:

    Brilliant, Jeff! So creative and I love the interaction. Can’t wait to read your book. I’ve started my new adventure in Florida and love it. Good luck and safe travels!

  3. Sarah says:

    I wanna buy the book but it’s hard to figure out.

    • jcgeiger says:

      Did you figure it out, Sarah? What party was tough? Thanks for trying!

      • Matt Bromley says:

        Hey Jeff – I also initially had trouble preordering the book, and had multiple attempted submissions rejected. Ultimately I removed the mailing address and my comment to you, and it went through. Might be the result of too long of a comment or address. Safe travels.

  4. Jennifer Lavin says:

    Have a wildly exciting trip.

  5. Cora Goss-Grubbs says:

    Go Jeff! The Mudflat Heathens are riding with you in spirit.

  6. Nikki Roth says:

    This insanely brilliant idea could belong to no one but you, friend! Love it! Have such a great time and be safe!! Josie’s loving watching her Crazy Uncle Jeff livestream all this stuff. We’ll be watching all we can!

  7. Kapelski says:

    I just pre-ordered. You owe me 5 miles!

  8. Zoë Geiger says:

    I have told my class, and, in great effort, am working on getting your flyers up in my school. I can’t wait to read it, even if it is “adult”.

  9. Ruby McConnell (@RubyGoneWild) says:

    We are morbidly fascinated with this..

  10. David Florez says:

    We are awaiting your visit to the Farmington Public Library on Wednesday! Safe travels!

  11. Welcome to potato country. Looking forward to your daily reports and watching the miles sail by. Shine on you crazy diamond!

  12. Nikki Roth says:

    This particular angle really shows off the saggy wonder of the Buick’s ceiling.

  13. jcgeiger says:

    Hey, don’t know if you saw my FB post about Lubbock TX. You’re 34 pledge miles short of it right now 1,694 miles from Eugene. They have a fantastic Natural History Museum at Lubbock Lake Landmark with life-sized outdoor sculptures of mastodons, giant sloth, giant armadillo etc. It’s literally just off the freeway. (of course, by the time you reach it, you’ll have 1,000 more pledge miles to use… But right now: you’re just short of making Lubbock, Texas.

  14. jcgeiger says:


  15. Jeff Carlson says:

    Man… I pre-ordered on Amazon before I realized I could get it through the website. So if there’s a way to manually add miles, that’d be great. Mayhap I’ll buy another for a gift!

  16. David Wilkes says:

    Does it count if I order a Kindle copy so I can read it on my trip to Manhattan this weekend?

  17. It was great to have you at the Farmington Public Library. I am sad I was not able to stay and meet you in person but I watched the vids you posted on your Facebook page.
    Keep on Truckin’

  18. Kristi Koons says:

    Now I want to go to Roswell!! Love all the adventure you’re sharing with us! Safe travels, Jeff!

  19. Robert Young says:

    Hey Jeff! I wondered what the heck you were up to. Now I see. Awesome! Too bad we hadn’t connected before you left. I could have hooked you up with some great couchsurfing folks in Moab and Albuquerque. We almost crossed paths in central Oregon. I was returning from a wolf center visit in Idaho and stayed at Tumalo State Park outside of Bend. Have a great time on the road!

  20. Bonnie Henderson says:

    I don’t get how I’m going to get my book and make my donation since I wasn’t asked to give my payment info, but whatevs1

  21. Paul says:

    You really are a “Wildman” Jeff! I want to be you when I grow up!

  22. Johanna Thoeresz says:

    love reading about your adventure and so proud of your success! Enjoy the ride and safe travels, Johanna

  23. Beth Wirth says:

    Sara sent me!

  24. Becky says:

    Hey! So much fun checking out your adventures! What is your best guess Asheville stop day?? Or night or whatever?? And now I have experimented with all of the options for communicating with you on the road.

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