RADIO DÉSASTRE – French Release!

December 15, 2022

THE GREAT BIG ONE has been published in French! Look at the fabulous new title! The incredible cover by Adams Carvalho, in which all my characters appear far more fashionable and attractive!

I always wanted to be published in French. Maybe that’s strange. There was a close call with WILDMAN, but this time it happened. I’ve traveled quite a bit, and French remains the most melodic language to me — it’s my favorite verbal instrument to listen to. As a teenager, whenever I learned an American artist was recognized in France (Lightning Hopkins, Hemmingway, Howard Hawks) my thinking was — man. That’s got to be the *pinnacle* of artistic success. Being discovered in France. It’s still got that fairytale magic. The first serious translation of my work, and they did it right.

Grateful to the whole team at Auzou Publishing, as well as the inimitable translator, Juliette Lê. Thank you so much!

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