This is me with my 1993 Buick Century and favorite coffee mug. This mug is unbelievable. You can tip it upside down, throw it around, spin, shake, anything — it will not spill. EVER. The 93 Buick is also unbelievable, but somewhat less reliable than the mug. It broke down a few years ago and stranded me at a roadhouse with very little money and no good coffee whatsoever. I was there for several days, waiting for the car to get fixed. While stranded, I witnessed a nasty car accident. Got into a fight. Met some strangers who didn’t stay strangers for long.

I wrote a novel loosely based on my experience, and very much based on the 35 years of living that came before it. A few months ago, I sold the book to Disney-Hyperion. The book, WILDMAN, is the best thing I’ve ever written. And I’ve been writing almost every day since I was 16. In order to keep writing that long without success, I had to tell myself, and believe: I WRITE ONLY FOR THE LOVE OF THE CRAFT. I WILL NEVER ACTUALLY SELL A BOOK. Now, my mind is calling me a liar. Sometimes I have to check my call records and emails to convince myself I haven’t fabricated the whole experience, and broken down — mentally — like a 93 Buick Century.  

This blog is my attempt to make sense of the creative process, chronicle the journey of a first novel, share secrets, connect, and inspire you to take a cross-country road trip with interesting people and really good music. If I can do that — just the road trip part — I’ll be happy.

And with any luck, I’ll come along for the ride.