The Great Big One: Book Launch

July 11, 2021

Due to the generosity of Hunter Noack (In A Landscape) and Thomas Lauderdale (Pink Martini) we were able to bring together some of the kindest, most supportive people in my personal and professional orbits under one roof for an inspired piano performance, storytelling, and create what one editor told me was — “the best book launch I’ve ever been to.”

There was also a cool brick wall which attracts authors and photographers and sticks them in place like flypaper. See?

That’s Abby Ranger, btw. Editorial powerhouse. We rewrote this book — if memory serves — three times, from two different perspectives, and with three different timeline structures in under six months. She’s a godsend. This book would not exist without her.

Here’s Hunter warming up for the camera – this piece, Listz’s “La Campanella” inspired one of the climactic scenes of the novel. If you’ve ever see Hunter in action at In A Landscape then you know: Hunter plays like a BEAST.

Speaking of Beast. Here’s Hunter in the Alvord Desert. Dressed in a burlap sack. Yep, just like a nightmare. But that’s another story.

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