J. C. Geiger has eaten the beating heart of a snake, been deported from a full-moon party, and spent a short time locked in a Bolivian prison. He also writes fiction. His short works have appeared in the pages of Murky Depths and Horror Garage, and onstage at The Second City in Chicago. His debut novel WILDMAN will be released by Disney-Hyperion in May, 2017.

Special note to writers and readers: J.C. Geiger’s life sounds pretty darn catchy when all of his accomplishments are neatly summarized in one paragraph. It is important to note: It took J.C. a long, long time to sell his first book. Sure, prisons and full-moon parties were involved. But mostly basements. Small rooms. Too much coffee. Sunless days, head in his hands wondering: why, why the hell is this my J.C. Geiger’s life? But let’s get back to the pithy bio, shall we?

In addition to writing, J.C. is the Artistic Director of No Shame Eugene Theatre and the proud owner of a legendary 1968 Gerstenslager bookmobile which will undoubtedly lead to ill-advised exploits and cross-country adventures. To stay in the loop, embark here.

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