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The Great Big Mixtape – FAQs

What is this tape exactly?

The tape is a simulation of a late-night radio broadcast inspired by The Great Big One. There are clues embedded in the songs, lyrics, and static pointing the way to bookstores where we’ve hidden various treasures. There is a very limited run of tapes, all made possible through the generosity of contributing artists.

How can I get the tape?

You can buy the book at an independent bookstore and present proof of purchase through this website. If you do – while supplies last – we will mail you a tape. You may also seek the cassette at independent bookstores. There will be some floating out there in the world, but you’ll have to get lucky.

What’s an independent bookseller?

Here’s a good store locator, but it’s not exhaustive.

Can I buy this tape?

Rock and roll is not for sale and neither is the mixtape.

Are you making money on this tape?

No. This is a limited, self-financed project. Most of the artists contributed for free, and it’s been an amazing chance to connect with some of my musical heroes.

When will I get the tape? 

We’ve got about a two-week turnaround while supplies last (they’re going fast!)

Which songs are on the tape?

It’s a surprise. Like a late night radio broadcast.

Which songs are rare and unreleased?

Part of the surprise.

How about a concert with all the bands on the tape? Can we do that?

Can we please?? It would be a dream come true.

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