Huge thanks to Heather Ransom, Willamette Writers, Josephine County Library, and Oregon Books & Games for just about the best visit an author could wish for. Some incredible sharing from the Young Willamette Writers crew, a warm reception (with cookies) at Oregon Books & Games, an epic dining experience at Oregon POUR Authority  and a chance to hang with authors like Heather and Casey Dunn? Yes please. Can’t wait for next time!

Winner of the Oregon Books & Games audio treasure hunt! Well done!

The setup.

Listening to some epic sharing from the online participants of the Young Willamette Writers workshop.

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Sat, November 13 from 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm PST
Portland Parks Foundation Tent


Thrilled to announce I’ll be an in-person guest at the Portland Book Festival on Nov. 13, in conversation with Alissa Sallah and Kate Ristau on the topic of Stories of Friendship, Growing Older, and Growing Apart. Just got a copy of Alissa’s book. My son is heavy into anime right now and I felt — in a subtle nod — the addition of a few Cool Points to the Dad column when I lay WEEABOO on the table. Can’t wait to dive in. There will be a 15 minute Q&A and book signing afterward, solid Covid precautions taken. I really can’t wait to see real readers and real writers gathered together and not through a screen. Hope you can make it!


I'm not cool enough.

This kind of truck, is what I’m talking about. This kind of gas station.

Friends. I cannot believe it. Somehow I have made it to a Moth Grandslam Championship in Portland, Oregon. How?? I qualified at a Moth Story Slam in September by telling a story about how I can make a strange snapping sound with my index finger. It’s that thing people do when they say booyakasha! or pack tobacco while sitting on the tailgate of a pickup truck in the town I grew up in. I was not one of those guys on the truck. They would not let me hang out with them because — at the time — I couldn’t do things like drive stick shift or pack tobacco with a “limpy.”

But now I get to speak at The Moth, which is even better than the tobacco and the pickup. The theme is FIRED UP. And I am. You can get tickets for $25 here or just kindly leave me a comment to bolster my courage. Woohooo!!!

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hult-center-interior-2014-touched-up-1It is an honor to be invited to give the keynote speech at ABAE’s BRAVA Breakfast on Friday, November 4.  My topic will be: “Where the Wild Things Are: Taking Risks in Business and Art.”

The event takes place from 7:30 AM – 9:00 AM. Early, right? So I am making a No Bullet Point Promise ™. No small fonts. No terrible handouts. No Death by Power Point. There will be risks, interactive mayhem, music, and — naturally — a few references to the work of Mr. Sendak. And coffee. Lots and lots of coffee. If you’d like to attend, there may still be a few seats available. I’ll let you know how it goes!