Breakneck horror


The subject of this post may either refer to: 1) the pace at which this short horror film was put together or 2) what happens to my neck at the end of the movie.

As part of a grand tradition, Eugene actors, writers, and filmmakers gather in Eugene around Halloween weekend to conceive of, cast, shoot, edit, and deliver a 3-minute horror film in under 72 hours. Teams submit their films for a jury and audience prize, which are awarded after a screening at Regal Valley Cinema.

Due to the inclusive kindness of Matt Cornelius and Michael Sargent, my sister and I were dragged out to remote railroad tracks where we screamed and flailed on wooden ties in near-freezing temperatures. We were then shoved into the backseat of a car with a boom microphone, and whisked away to a magical “Murder Shed” in Lebanon, Oregon, (“everything in here is covered with spiders”) where I was doused in fake blood and asked to convincingly drop to my knees and make choking sounds for fifteen minutes.

These are the kinds of friends and magical experiences you never forget. The film is great, and you can see it here:



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